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June 25, 2018

Laser Lines

Laser Lines adds Formlabs’ Form 2 SLA printer to its range

In its mission to offer the widest and most flexible line of 3D printing technologies, Laser Lines has added SLA – Stereolithography – to its range, in the shape of Formlabs Form 2.

As one of the longest-established platforms for on-site 3D printing, stereolithography uses a laser to cure cartridges of easily-refreshed liquid resin. The economical, quick and clean process keeps material use to a minimum while producing durable, rigid parts.

Stamp of approval

“SLA was one of the earliest forms of 3D printing, but it’s now only with Formlabs’ Form 2 that we feel ready to add it to our extensive line-up of 3D Printing solutions,” says Laser Lines Sales Manager Phil Craxford. “This is a fantastic product, complementing traditional industrial-grade 3D printing technologies in a keenly-priced desktop unit which will enable Laser Lines greater scope to support our customers”. With more than 40 years’ experience, Laser Lines has seen many technologies come and go, but SLA has staying power and broad industry support. We are proud to give it Laser Lines’ stamp of approval.”

Laser Lines is carrying the full range of accessories for Form 2, including the optional Form Wash and Form Cure for cleaning and curing completed parts.

“With resin in 16 variants, Formlabs’ offering is already one of the most flexible available,” Craxford says. “But the Colour Kit takes it further, for the first time allowing users to mix their own tones on-site for truly unrestricted production in any colour, without parts requiring painting at the finishing stage.”

A flexible solution for rigid parts

Form 2 builds upon the success of its predecessor, with a finer laser achieving a best layer height of just 25 microns. At 145 x 145 x 175mm (5.7 x 5.7 x 6.9in), its maximum build size is perfect for medical and dental applications, as well as jewellery and the production of small tools and ready-to-use parts.

The printers integrated touch screen is supplemented by PreForm 2, Formlabs’ intelligent management software. Featuring automatic orientation, it will position your part to optimise printing, and interfaces with Dashboard, Formlabs’ cloud-enabled printing platform. You can monitor jobs remotely and be notified by text as each one completes.

“With Form 2, stereolithography is accessible to all,” Craxford says. “Formlabs has built upon three decades of development to produce one of the most exciting small-scale on-site production tools we’ve seen in many years. We are proud to add it to our range – and we are looking forward to showing our customers how it can help reduce the time and cost of rapid development in their businesses.”

To learn more about Form 2, its accessories and PreForm 2, or to book a demonstration, call Laser Lines on 01295 672588 or email

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