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September 30, 2016

Laser Lines

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Laser Lines broadens range with tools from IS Instruments

Founded in 2010, IS Instruments has quickly established a name for itself as the leading provider of a new generation of spectroscopic and laser-based tools across many industries. We are hugely excited to be adding its products to our photonics range. IS Instruments takes pride in the fact that, much like Laser Lines, it ensures it provides customers with the right solutions to meet their specific business needs.

As Dr Michael Foster, director and co-founder of IS Instruments, explains: “We recognise the rapidly evolving nature of the industrial landscape and want to ensure we constantly develop and redevelop our solutions accordingly. Now, thanks to our new partnership with Laser Lines, more businesses are set to benefit from the different solutions we offer.”

Mini spectrometer

IS Instruments’ Miniature is a general purpose spectrometer that comes in at a lower price point without compromising on performance. Designed to operate from 350 – 850nm with nm scale resolution, it has been developed from 3D printed parts, helping to keep the cost of this efficient spectrometer to a minimum.

Another product range joining the Laser Lines’ portfolio is called Integrating Spheres. Like the Miniature spectrometer, they are manufactured using 3D printing, keeping costs low while maintaining excellence, particularly when compared to laser sintering options.

Ideal for use across many applications, including laser power, flux, reflectance and radiance measurements, the spheres are highly customisable, with high reflectivity guaranteed thanks to an Avian-B reflectance coating.

HES Systems (Hi-etendue spectrometer)

Finally, IS Instruments’ high-throughput Raman spectrometers come into their own when used out in the field. The standard model operates at 785 nm (with other wavelengths also available) and is ideal for examining diffuse sources such as those observed in Transmission Raman applications.

Able to operate with a range of detectors, dependent on the user requirements, the 3mm diameter core fibres within the systems provide enormous advantages for users. Initial trials of IS Instruments’ OEM Raman spectrometer measured the RamanHES 2000 spectra to less than 2 mm depth of a liquid sample in a Pipeline from a distance of 2.5 m. That was only possible due to the high throughput of the spectrometer design.

Partnership working

Steve Knight, sales director of our Photonics Group, says: “We are delighted to be working with the team at IS Instruments. Not only does the business produce some great products, which will benefit a great number of Laser Lines’ customers, but we share a similar business ethos too. We recognise that what works for one customer won’t necessarily work for another.”

“Like IS Instruments, we pride ourselves on finding exactly the right solution to meet the very specific needs of our customers. And now, with the addition of the IS Instruments products to our expanding portfolio, our customers will have more options than ever before.”

For more information on how IS Instruments’ solutions could help your business, contact Steve Knight or his team on 01295 672588 or

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