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July 30, 2015

Laser Lines

Radiantis SeaWave

Photonics launch new products

At Laser Lines, we strive to continually offer innovative new solutions that bring our customers the latest developments in technology, realising improved efficiency and a greater degree of choice for more effective technical solutions.

As part of this ongoing commitment, the Photonics group announces the launch of five new products to their lineup, bringing additional solutions to a multitude of applications from laser power measurement to microfabrication and laser cutting to Raman spectroscopy.

Recently announced at the Munich Laser Show, the Gentec-EO Pronto, Cobolt NLD and nLIGHT alta™ join the helix™ picosecond fiber laser and the Radiantis SeaWave as part of the ever-growing Laser Lines Photonics family. Here’s a quick look:

Gentec-EO Pronto
Pronto-250-squareIn a nutshell: Pocket-sized Laser Power Meter
Main application: Laser power measurement, specifically aimed at laser markers, as offered by our Industrial Lasers group.
Overview: This new meter is small but strong; it has 250W of instantaneous laser power measurements thanks to an all-metal casing and super-strength absorber. It has an intuitive touch screen display and is available to order now at an unbeatable price.

Cobolt NLD 785nm
NLD-squareIn a nutshell: Narrow Linewidth Diode Laser
Main application: Raman Spectroscopy
Overview: A new ultra-compact narrow-linewidth laser with integrated optical isolator, and up to 500mW in output power. This laser is the part of the Cobolt 08-01 Series; a new family of narrow linewidth continuous-wave lasers featuring diode pumped solid state lasers as well as stabilised diode lasers. Available for testing now.

nLIGHT alta™
nlight-alta-squareIn a nutshell: Medium Power Fibre Laser
Main application: Laser cutting
Overview: Designed to meet the high performance and high reliability requirements for industrial materials processing, nLIGHT alta™ incorporates an integrated back reflection technology. Designed for maximum uptime and featuring innovative fiber architecture that allows system integrators and end users to manage common field service activities. Provides leading QCW operation at 700W, with a repetition rate of up to 100kHz and rise/fall times of 4μs. Available to order now.

nLIGHT helix™
nlight-Helix-squareIn a nutshell: Programmable Picosecond Fibre Laser
Main application: Microfabrication
Overview: The nLIGHT helix™ is one of the world’s first programmable pulsed fiber lasers for high-precision micro-materials processing applications. The compact, air-cooled system delivers 300kW peak power, picosecond pulse-width and up to 25W average power. Available now.

Radiantis SeaWave
SeaWave-squareIn a nutshell: IR Spectrometer
Main application: Laser Characterisation
Overview: A top of the range IR spectrometer with the smallest footprint in the market for its class, the SeaWave boasts the highest acquisition speed of >1000 spectra/ second and an impressive resolution of 3nm. With no moving parts, this robust device can reliably be used in OEM and scientific applications. Available now.

To find out more about our new Photonics products, contact Steve and the Laser Lines team on 01295 672 588 or

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