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January 11, 2018

Peter Smith

Save scanning time and improve accuracy with Toolkit Box from Evatronix

With any 3D scanning process, we can only capture data from surfaces of a part that the scanner can illuminate with its projector and “see” with its cameras.

This means that, in order to capture a part’s full 3D shape, we need to take multiple scans from various angles and find a way to position them correctly, relative to each other, in a building process called registration. Registration can be very tricky if parts are thin such as sheet metal pressings or if they have little in the way of geometry such as car panels.

This registration can be aided in a number of ways such as pre-calibrating a turntable used to rotate a part in front of a scanner or by using markers that the scanner software recognises. These processes are simple enough but can be time consuming to prepare.

The new Toolkit Box from Evatronix greatly speeds up these processes and improves accuracy compared to these more traditional approaches. In fact, it can usually remove the need to calibrate a turntable altogether! This can really save a lot of time especially if the relative positions of the scanner and turntable have to change frequently.

Toolkit Box includes a set of magnetic “smart” markers as well as self-adhesive versions and 3D artefacts whose facets are covered in these markers. A unique calibration file supplied with each kit ensures optimum accuracy and speed of registration with the minimum number of markers.

Each marker has a unique pattern that can be recognised by the EviXscan software supplied with Evatronix scanners so that, as well as position, the markers can be recognised by orientation too. This provides much more accurate location information and means that fewer markers are required to register scans together. Having fewer markers saves time because it means less cleaning up of scanned data downstream too.

The 3D artefacts in the kit can be attached (or placed near) to a part to be scanned and provide geometry, orientation and positional information so that, for example, the front and back faces of sheet metal parts can be very accurately located relative to each other. The process is automatic in EviXscan software!

For those using EviXscan Heavy Duty scanners, the kit also includes a wireless remote control, allowing operation of the scanner without the need to be at the computer keyboard to help speed up the capture process further.

In short, Toolkit Box is a simple way to speed up the capture process and improves accuracy of registration so scan data is ready for downstream processing such as reverse engineering in a much shorter time. Because fewer, more accurate markers are used, the amount of downstream processing time required is also reduced compared to traditional methods.

Toolkit Box is compatible with any EviXscan 3D scanner running the latest EviXscan software.

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