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April 28, 2015

Laser Lines

Bicester college students with 3D printed car

Students 3D Print Race Car

Students 3D Print Race Car

Local businesses are using additive manufacturing techniques to help motorsport students from Bicester Community College 3D print parts for their prototype racing car.

Students Working on their 3D PartsThe students approached 3D printing experts Laser Lines and motorsport specialists in performance engineering KW Special Projects, to help them build parts using the latest rapid manufacturing processes.

As part of their Engineering Motorsports Diploma eight student teams must build a gravity propelled car to a given specification and complete the course in the fastest time, getting up to speeds of 20mph.

Team ALR (Aerodynamic Land Racer) wanted to 3D print two pairs of aerodynamic covers for wishbones for their gravity racer car. Using KWSP’s two Stratasys Fortus 400mc machines, the parts will take just 17 hours to build and the students will be invited to complete and post process the parts once they are printed.

ABS-M30 3D Printed PartsLaser Lines have donated the materials, Black ABS-M30, from which the parts will be printed. Mark Tyrtania, sales director at Laser Lines, said, “We were thrilled to get involved with this project and work with KWSP and the college to help the next generation of engineers gain access to the latest technology and materials. ABS- M30 is ideal for this kind of prototype application. It is a robust and resilient material that is very easy to work with, in terms of delivering a clean and post-processed finish.”

An environmentally stable material, ABS-M30 also has greater tensile, impact and flexural strength than standard ABS and layer bonding is significantly stronger to deliver more functional prototypes and higher quality end use parts.

Student and ALR’s team leader, Matt Watson who along with his team members spent a day at KWSP in Brackley, learning about the additive manufacturing process said, “It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience learning about the processes involved in 3D printing. It is fascinating to learn more about the various applications of additive manufacturing at KWSP. We are grateful to the support of these two local businesses and look forward to racing the car.”

Students with the Fortus 400mc

Bicester Learning Coach at the college, Nicholas Buzzard explained, “The event features a one-on-one head to head bout, so there is a hugely competitive element too for the students. The use of cutting edge engineering technology like this is the future for many areas of engineering, especially in the motorsport arena which our students specialise in.”

A Laser Lines customer, KWSP’s managing director Kieron Salter added, “We’re passionate about this technology and the opportunities it presents in all manner of applications. It’s great to see so many students sharing our enthusiasm.”

The race contributes to the students’ final grades in their Level 3 BTEC motorsport diplomas and will see them compete in the Bicester Community College Gravity Car Race at Cornbury Park on June 10.


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