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December 3, 2015

Steve Knight

Radiantis SeaWave

Why the Radiantis SeaWave is an amazing IR spectrometer

Steve Knight, sales director of Laser Lines’ Photonics group, writes about the benefits of one of our latest additions to our product portfolio. 

A recent partnership sees us working with Radiantis, one of the most-forward thinking businesses in the photonics industry. As a result of this working relationship, our customers now have access to the SeaWave IR spectrometer.


The SeaWave has the smallest footprint in the market for its class, making it an extremely portable device. Alongside a best-in-class data acquisition speed of >1000 spectra/ second, the SeaWave also boasts an impressive resolution of 3nm, so you can see why we’re delighted to be able to include this infrared spectrometer in our already comprehensive photonics product portfolio.

What’s great news for customers is that the list of applications is extremely broad. The hand-held, portable nature of the device makes it perfect for use in the field by engineers who need a tool to investigate laser optics.

Researchers looking for an easy-to-use, accurate IR spectrometer will find the SeaWave a wise choice. For many instrument manufacturers, the SeaWave provides a long-awaited solution that can be embedded easily and seamlessly into their devices.

Place in industry

The size of the device means it’s easy to integrate both in- and off-line. The fact that there are no moving parts makes it all the more robust, meaning that it’s the perfect solution for the industrial market, especially in production lines.

One large food manufacturer currently incorporates the SeaWave into its production line as a means of measuring the ripeness of fruit, and therefore its suitability to be included in the end product. A textile business uses the SeaWave in-line to analyse fabric, identifying which production line that particular of fabric should be sent down. These sorts of applications are vital if businesses are to increase automation and optimise efficiency.

The SeaWave offers the best of all worlds: portability, ease of use, reliability, impressive resolution and operating bandwidth for laser applications into the deep IR in both spectroscopic and microscopic tools.

The customers we’ve had the opportunity to speak to already are understandably excited about this product as they recognise the almost endless opportunities the SeaWave presents. It’s a great product to have on board and complements what we know to be the most comprehensive photonics product portfolio in the market.

Radiantis SeaWave IR spectrometer summary

  • Main application: Laser characterisation
  • Data acquisition speed: >1000 spectra/second
  • Resolution: 3 nm
  • Spectral response range: 900 – 1700 nm

To find out more about the SeaWave or any of our other Photonics products, contact Steve Knight or his team at Laser Lines on 01295 672 588 or

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