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Laser cuttingHeadquartered in Northamptonshire and employing 12 staff, CTR Future has been distributing laser machines in the UK since 2004, and moved into UK manufacture of British-designed laser cutting systems and engraving machines in 2012. Following investment in CNC machinery, it now designs and manufactures an expanding range of machines for the UK and EU markets.

It has been working with Laser Lines for the past three years and this relationship is growing from strength to strength. CTR Future works with a range of businesses across industry sectors and provides customised laser solutions that help increase production efficiency while reducing downtime.

Quite often, customers will need a basic laser machine, but it needs adapting. CTR Future offers a range of laser solutions that will cut everything except metal. Customers include companies that cut polyester materials for army uniforms, businesses that cut masks for the NHS, shoemakers using lasers to cut leather and hobbyists making jewellery to name a few.

Simon Larner, managing director at CTR Future, says: “With many of our customers, their applications are unique, so they require a basic machine but with some bespoke functionality. This might be a facility where smoke from the cutting gets removed quickly – as with GVS, one of our customers making masks. Or it might be a larger machine that needs to be robust but have some adaptations to ensure materials can be fed in from the back to the front of the machine to maintain productivity. We specialise in these semi-custom designs.

“Several of our customers have gone to Laser Lines initially knowing they need a laser machine but wanting to see how precisely the laser will cut. The team at Laser Lines recognises our capability, so if they can see there will be some customisation needed, they point them in our direction.”

Powerful Synrad RF CO2 Lasers

CTR Future is a big fan of Synrad’s CO2 lasers, which have a super, reliable, higher frequency beam that gives incredible definition and a longer warranty.

Simon adds: “These lasers are more expensive, but they really give a nice flame-polished edge and they last for longer without diminishing in power. The lasers we use in our systems will run for 25,000 hours without compromising on quality, and they don’t dim with age like some glass tube lasers.”

With other, cheaper lasers, the decline in power means the operator will need to reduce the cutting speed as the laser ages, resulting in lengthier job processing times and a less efficient solution in the long run.

Laser Lines offers a wide range of Synrad CO2 Lasers ranging in power from 10 Watts to 400 Watts in constant wave mode and up to 1,200 Watts in pulsed mode. Offering the widest choice in terms of power and performance, Synrad lasers are the ultimate tool when it comes to cutting organic materials.

Working in partnership

Working together with Laser Lines, CTR Future is ready to face the next challenge in these uncertain times as pioneers of British manufacturing.

Simon says: “We have a special relationship with Laser Lines and like working with them on projects to see how we can come up with the best solution for the customer, with the ideal laser and the most suitable machine to house it.”

Give Dave Earl at Laser Lines a call on 01295 672588, email  or visit our laser cutting page to find out more about Synrad RF CO2 Lasers.