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Best in the Market

The New Aircooled DX Lasers from Photonics Industries are the best in the market, in terms of their engineering they show superiority in:

  • DX Aircooled LaserMinimizing the temperature difference between the ambient temp and the laser head
  • Maximizing the wall plug efficiency, i.e., laser output power vs. input DC power
  • Addressing changing ambient temperature conditions

Superlative Compared to Closest Competitors

The new aircooled DX lasers from Photonics Industries are superior in terms of:

  • Efficiencies ranging from ~20% to 50% more efficient depending on the specific models compared
  • Substantially more efficient Heatsink design with unsurpassed heat removal in terms of heatsink capacity and fan noise/vibration level
  • Superior laser performance such as beam quality (typical M2<1.1 vs. 1.3) and pulse stability (typical 1% vs. 2-4%)

Furthermore, all new Photonics Industries’s lasers have additional features their competitors do not have such as inclusion of a power monitor and remote diagnostics capabilities, thereby enabling novel “No Contact/No Touch” remote service capability via the Internet!  In addition, the DX aircooled lasers offer more power – up to 8W @ 355nm and up to 15W @ 532nm – and there is also four times more pulse energy with ~150 µJ at 355 nm, exceeding 300 µJ at 532 nm.

Other features include

  • Shorter pulse width for more peak power
  • Better beam circularity ~90%
  • Better beam pointing stability < 25 μrad
  • Advanced Software Controls GUI interface for “on-the-fly” adjustments of pulse energy control and burst mode as well as on-demand remote diagnostic/”no touch/no contact” calibration
  • Highest DPSS laser wall plug efficiency laser available, typically ~15% for green and ~9% for UV
  • Monolithic All-In-One (AIO) laser design
  • >40% less the total volume with air cooled heatsink!

The Photonics Industries DX Aircooled Laser is excellent for precision laser micromachining applications such as: cutting, scribing, marking, and drilling of small features.

If you want to know more about working with Laser Lines or want some information on the Photonics Industries aircooled DX lasers, email or call Dan Cort at Laser Lines a call on 01295 672500.