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Lasermark Prestige

LASERMARK PRESTIGE (laser lines workstations)

For many happy customers, our extensive range of compact, benchtop and floor standing laser workstations are the perfect fit for their needs. But sometimes an ‘off the shelf’ workstation is not suitable. When this happens, we can manufacture a bespoke system to exactly match a customer’s specifications.

Dave Earl, New Business Manager for industrial lasers at Laser Lines explains further: “A standard workstation may be too small or too large, a customer may need a workstation to fit a specific footprint, or be located under a low ceiling. In these cases, we may be able to modify a standard model to make production easier for the customer. However, if the end-user’s requirements warrant it, we will build them a bespoke system.

Extra axes of control – Laser Lines workstations

“In addition, a customer may require more axes of movement than our standard systems allow for. Typically, our workstations can control X, Y, Z and Rotary axes, but where greater flexibility is required, we would consider a bespoke system with controls designed from the ground up. We provide a lot of consultancy to our customers during the design and manufacturing stages, keeping in touch with them through the entire process.

“The first step is for us to understand the full requirement. Once we have a specification, we will discuss this with the customer to work out what elements are required. We then put together a quotation, which we review with the customer and check that the workstation meets their budget.

Manufacture and sign-off

“At that point, we discuss in detail any changes that may need to be made to the specification and work out how the customer wants to interface with the system. If necessary, we can create customised front-end software so the machine can communicate with a customer’s database and pass information back and forth.

“After that, we firm up the design, working on a 3D drawing to help visualise the system, and final price. Once we receive the sign-off, we go ahead and build the system.

“Following our own internal tests, we offer factory acceptance at our premises in Banbury. Then, once delivered and installed, there is a site acceptance where we will train up those that need to use and maintain it.

“The quality of our work is of a very high standard, we verify the safety of our workstations in-house, meaning our customers can depend on us to provide them with a reliable, safe workstation that will operate for many years to come.

“Time-wise, modifications to standard workstations can be made in a six to eight-week period. For bespoke systems, the design element and extra consultancy brings the typical lead time to between eight and fourteen weeks.”

If you would like to discuss how Laser Lines can tailor a laser workstation to your needs, give us a call on 01295 672588, or email