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Photonics Industries’ (PI) has announced the release of their newly updated water-cooled DX Series Q-switched UV and Green Lasers.

The DX Series 355nm UV Lasers  delivers the shortest Short Pulses for more peak power and the highest High Pulse energy with up to 3x more pulse energy (>1mJ/pulse).  Offering among the highest output power (15W to 50W), this laser has a wide repetition rate for <20kHz to >500kHz and better beam pointing stability < 25 μrad.  The DX Series UV Laser is the highest DPSS laser wall plug efficiency laser available (~10% for UV)

Photonics Industries’ DX Series Green Laser (in the Green at 532nm), has the shortest pulse width (<30ns @400kHz) in its class.  The Green Laser also offers the highest output power (30W, 50W, 65W and 100W) and widest rep rate at up to 900kHz. Reaching new levels, this DPSS laser has the highest wall plug efficiency available (~17% for green).

DX Series LasersCommon to both the UV and Green lasers are that they are from ~20% to 50% more efficient – depending on the specific models compared – and are more “carbon neutral” for greener manufacturing.  The lasers come in a small lightweight package.  A monolithic All-In-One (AIO) design with no need for a separate utility module, PI lasers have a total volume of ~1/4th that of their closest competitors.

Complete pulse control is provided by the Advanced Software Control’s GUI interface, for “on-the-fly” adjustments of pulse energy control and burst mode. To address changing ambient temperature conditions, the Photonics Industries DX Series Lasers have a wider operating temp range. With faster warm up times and stability (Typical 1% vs. 2-5%), these systems offer superior laser performance.

Furthermore, all new Photonics Industries’ lasers have additional features which their competitors lack – with the Advanced Software Controls GUI Interface comes on-demand Remote Diagnostics Capabilities.  Their novel “No Contact/No Touch” calibration/remote service capability via the Internet ultimately enables predictive maintenance.

Photonics Industries’ DX Series Lasers enable better precision laser micromachining applications such as: cutting, scribing, marking, and drilling of small features at unmatched COOs.

Laser Lines Ltd is the UK reseller for Photonics Industries International, USA.