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Business development manager, Chris Ogden, talks about the benefits of YAG lasers for welding systems

One of the most well-known, longstanding laser technologies, YAG lasers have been on the market in some shape or form for several years now. But recently, we have seen very impressive results for customers using lamp-pumped YAG lasers for laser deposition welding applications.

By generating extremely short bursts of extremely high-power, the pulsed laser welding process takes a few milliseconds to achieve outstanding results. It makes this tried and tested method of laser welding the go-to technology for applications where precision and accuracy are paramount.

Broad appeal

Put to work across many industries including the jewellery, dental, medical and automotive sectors, YAG laser welding systems are typically used for upgrading surfaces and repairing or modifying parts. The medical and automotive industries use them in the manufacture of parts, with one YAG laser welding application being the repair of tool moulds in the plastics industry.

Here at Laser Lines we offer a wide range of solutions to suit a whole variety of different business requirements. Our YAG laser welding systems are from OR-Laser. They all operate on the same wavelength but have different handling and movement mechanisms, meaning there is a solution to meet every business need.

Choice of system

OR Laser EcolaserOne of our most popular YAG laser welding systems is the ECO Laser (pictured right). This is a cost-effective, ergonomic entry-level system for manual laser welding. Available in a range of different laser powers from 100W up to 200W. It is an open laser system featuring a powered movement table – so it is the part to be welded that moves, while the laser remains static.

Another popular solution is the EVO Mobile (pictured top), which is on wheels, enabling it to be transported to the job in hand, where the laser head moves over the part that needs welding. It is compact yet extremely powerful and includes the option for automatic operation through the use of programmable ORLAS software.

OR Laser PiccolaserOur smallest system, making it ideal for jewellery, dentistry and small medical applications, is the Piccolaser (pictured right)This incredibly compact stand alone solution provides the necessary levels of precision for the smallest of applications, with the option for up to four integrated motor­ised axes and a minimum weld seam of just 0.1 mm.

The LASERCAB is a fully enclosed laser machining station. It’s suitable for larger, more industrial applications and due to its enclosed construction, can be placed anywhere on the shop floor. And, like the EVO Mobile, the option is there to upgrade from a manual to a programmable automatic operation.

YAG Lasers from Laser Lines

We know we provide the best YAG laser welding solutions on the market. For example, with the LASERCAB and EVO Mobile, different heads can be fitted to suit different applications. This means the same solution can be used for laser welding, but also laser cladding and additive manufacturing.

We also recognise that business doesn’t stand still. So, having bought a YAG laser welding system from us, if your needs change and you find you need increased laser power, we’ll take back the system and upgrade the laser for you, giving you the flexibility to grow without having to invest in a whole new solution.

Not only do we have the best products on the market, but our industry knowledge and experience makes us best placed to advise you on the right solution to meet the specific requirements of your business. It is this combination that makes us the first port-of-call for businesses throughout the UK who want to improve their laser welding capabilities.

For more information on how our range of YAG laser welding systems could benefit your business, contact Chris Ogden or the team on 01295 672 588, or email