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This week, Chris Ogden looks at the UniQ from Datalogic, the only single unit fibre laser marking system on the market

Datalogic has taken a revolutionary and innovative approach with the UniQ, an effective fibre laser marker which combines a high performance fibre laser, controller and embedded PC inside a single, compact unit.

With a powerful 15W fibre laser source, the ultra-compact nature of the system and its IP54-approved housing enables it to fit easily into existing operations. There’s no need for any external cabinet, controller or power supply, and the system isn’t constrained by fibre length or bending radius limitations.

UniQ application flexibility

Already providing several of our customers with a comprehensive and efficient laser marking solution, the UniQ is designed for use across many different sectors. The high performance and quality of mark created makes the UniQ the perfect solution for a whole host of direct part marking applications.

With an unmatched performance on metals, the UniQ provides high resolution and excellent contrast with low thermal impact, making it ideal for use in the automotive sector. The UniQ’s high contrast marking on plastic materials mean it’s great for high speed coding and branding on industrial electronic devices. The fact that it’s a permanent, clean and precise process makes it the ideal solution for the branding and personalisation of medical and surgical tools.

Easy with no quality compromise

Quick and easy to install, the UniQ is straightforward to operate, featuring an intuitive user interface. It also works seamlessly with Datalogic’s Lighter Suit marking software.

Its small footprint and ease of installation meet modern production demands and enable businesses to easily adapt operations, increasing efficiencies and ultimately speeding up time to market.

With more and more Laser Lines’ customers looking for solutions which fit seamlessly into their existing production set-up, the UniQ addresses that particular need. The fact that there’s no compromise to performance also makes it a very attractive proposition for customers who are short on space but for whom high quality is a must.

It’s the only solution of its kind on the market at the moment and is already proving to be a very valuable addition to the Laser Lines product portfolio.

For more information on how the UniQ could benefit your business, contact Chris Ogden or the team on 01295 672 588, or email