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Chris Ogden explains why fibre lasers are proving so popular with Laser Lines’ customers

Just one of the many marking technologies that we offer here at Laser Lines, fibre lasers are becoming increasingly popular with a broad spectrum of our customers across many different sectors.

Providing a winning combination of power and efficiency, fibre lasers are ideal for customers looking for a compact, ultra-fast laser marking solution. Here are the four main benefits our customers tell us they receive:

1. Extra speed

The sheer speed of our fibre laser marking solutions makes them the first choice for customers looking to increase efficiencies. They are the fastest laser marking technology at their wavelength. Delivering marking times of less than a second for some applications, fibre lasers can also produce deep marking with exceptionally high accuracy and consistency.

2. Energy efficiency

Fibre lasers are incredibly efficient when compared to other laser technologies. Not only does this result in reduced power consumption for the business, but it also helps make the system simpler and smaller and more reliable.

The technology uses simple air cooling, rather than requiring an additional chiller unit, which not only incurs extra costs but takes up additional space. With many businesses finding both cash and floor space in short supply, compact, efficient fibre laser marking solutions are proving to be just the right fit.

3. Long-lasting

The life of the built-in diode module is much longer than with other laser technologies. Users can expect approximately 100,000 hours of operation with our solutions, resulting in not only incredible ROI, but a robust, reliable and long-lasting solution for the business.

4. Laser power

Due to the duration of power delivery by the technology, fibre laser marking solutions are ideal for deep marking. Providing deep, durable marks, fibre lasers are perfect for engraving, some micro-machining applications and for deep marking requirements also.

More and more of Laser Lines’ customers are investing in fibre laser marking solutions. Considering the depth of mark that’s achievable at these super-fast speeds, particularly when combined with the cost and efficiency savings, it’s not hard to understand why.

For more information on how your business could benefit from a fibre laser marking solution from Laser Lines, contact Chris Ogden or the team on 01295 672 588, or email