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Chris Ogden writes about Orlas Suite, the award-winning, programmable laser processing software.

Orlas Suite is the most comprehensive CAD/CAM software for laser applications on the market, and it’s now available from us at Laser Lines, complementing our range of solutions from OR Laser.

Supporting cladding, marking, engraving, welding, cutting and 3D printing, it has been recognised by industry experts as the best in its field.

Flexible, versatile, accurate

The software’s inclusion in the Laser Lines product portfolio means that we are the only supplier that offers this comprehensive laser solution in a single package. This is a great benefit for our customers as they know they can rely on the quality and built-in expertise of the Orlas Suite system, rather than opting for a bespoke, custom-written software solution.

Orlas Suite provides unprecedented levels of flexibility. As a member of the Open Design Alliance, OR Laser has ensured that Orlas Suite is the only software for industrial laser applications that can read and process all the major CAD and image file formats, guaranteeing maximum versatility.

One area where Orlas Suite leads the way is its ability to combine a photo of a workpiece with a virtual model of it. The hi-definition camera function enables the system to align the photo with the virtual model. A simple drag-and-click operation with the mouse creates the laser trajectory on top of the part. The paths followed by the laser beam can then be projected on to a live image of the workpiece for fast, straightforward process control.

Not only does this allow the user to view the job on top of the real part before it’s carried out, it also provides the ability to simulate the motion of the machine on top of a real part before the actual laser process begins.

Increasing efficiency

With users seeing a reduction in set-up times due to the intuitive and straightforward functionality of the system, Orlas Suite is as simple and easy-to-use as a manually controlled tool for traditional welding and marking tasks, as well as for other types of laser processing.

The software also offers different levels of automation. As the laser trajectory can be generated and optimised automatically, both automated and semi-automated applications are possible. You can generate paths for up to six axes in both 2D and 3D laser processing.

Laser Lines offers the most comprehensive range of industrial laser solutions on the market. The addition of Orlas Suite to our product portfolio adds even more value to our customers’ operations. By complementing our market-leading OR Laser solutions with the best software currently available, our customers can improve their business flexibility, enhance operational efficiencies and increase profits.

For more information on how Orlas Suite can add extra value to your business, contact Chris Ogden or the team on 01295 672 588, or email