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April 27, 2017

Laser Lines

Couth SuperFast

When Couth’s SuperFast Dot Peen system makes sense

This week’s blog looks at the outstanding results that can be achieved with the market-leading high-speed Dot Peen marking system

In a previous blog, we explored one of the more recent additions to Laser Lines’ product portfolio, the range of Dot Peen marking solutions from Spanish developer, Couth. A cost-effective alternative to laser marking, the speed and depth of mark that can be achieved with Dot Peen technology means that this method is becoming more and more popular with our customers.

One of the most impressive products in the Couth range is the MC2000 SuperFast marking system. As the name suggests, the SuperFast provides a high-speed marking solution that easily outpaces the competition, but with no compromise to depth or quality of mark.

Quick and compact

Featuring a powerful pneumatic drive, the SuperFast’s Y-axis is altered using a tilt mechanism. When combined with Couth’s Vibro Peen technology that pulses the pin 80 times per second, it enables users to achieve high-quality marks in half the time. It’s also reliable and low-maintenance, with adjustable character compression, expansion, spacing, italic writing and dot density, as well as adjustable speed and marking force.

The design and engineering of the marking head means that it is also extremely compact. The rest of the SuperFast system follows suit, resulting in a unit which doesn’t require a separate PC for operation. This makes it the ideal solution for simple and convenient integration into existing production lines.


Chris Ogden, business development manager here at Laser Lines, comments: “The SuperFast solution provides quality and silent marking at very high speeds on all kinds of materials. The sheer speed and depth of mark that can be achieved, not to mention the unit’s compact size, result in major efficiency savings for those businesses who integrate the system into their operations.

“Many of our automotive and production-line automation customers are using the system to achieve some fantastic results, enabling them to carry out high-speed marking, 24/7.”

More choice

Chris continues: “Not as well-known as laser marking, the Dot Peen technology is a very welcome addition to the Laser Lines’ suite of solutions. For those of our customers for whom laser marking perhaps isn’t the most appropriate solution, we offer Dot Peen marking as an alternative.

“With the SuperFast system, this results in incredible time and cost savings for our customers, as well as helping their businesses to find a solution that fulfils their specific marking requirements without having to compromise on quality.”

For more information on how SuperFast Dot Peen marking could benefit your business, contact Chris Ogden or the team on 01295 672 588, or email

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