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July 29, 2016

Chris Ogden

OR Laser Evo Mobile

Evo Mobile is a compact, flexible laser welding system

Our Business Development Manager, Chris Ogden, takes a look at why the Evo Mobile solution is the perfect fit in more ways than one.

One of our market-leading, pulsed YAG laser welding systems from OR Laser, the Evo Mobile laser system is proving to be one of our most popular solutions for laser deposition welding applications.

Compact, easy-to-use and with high pulse peak power, this mobile laser welding system sets new standards for open laser workstations.

Increased productivity

Incorporating ORLAS software, the Evo Mobile laser provides the option to support automatic processing and 5-6 axis control, within the confines of predefined welding parameters, leading to significant increases in productivity.

With a closed height of just 110cm, this compact system is very easy to transport. But what it lacks in size, the Evo Mobile more than makes up for in ability.

Its electromagnetically-controlled swivel arm can be extended from 800 to 1500 mm and swivelled on its own axis, through 360 degree’s. It can travel 700 mm in the x-axis and 400 mm in the y-axis, as well as traversing 400 mm in the z-axis, all controlled by an intelligent multifunctional joystick. So there’s no need to constantly reposition or readjust axes between processes.

Easy to use

The Evo Mobile is operated by touchscreen and joystick, with the ability to control traverse speed and axis direction using the joystick alone. This increases efficiency during welding, since modifications can be made during the welding process itself, rather than having to stop-start the process to make changes via the display screen.

Joystick control of the axes, executing the synchronised movements across 3 directions, plus rotation, enables the welding position to be set with absolute precision, down to 0.1 mm.

This video explains its features in more depth:

The perfect fit

The outstanding product functionality of the Evo Mobile in combination with Laser Lines’ industry experience and expertise makes this particular solution the best choice for those businesses who want flexibility alongside efficiency and reliability.

Here are just some of the applications companies have used it for:

It’s breaking new ground in terms of mobile laser welding systems, something that’s not going unnoticed by our customers.

For more information on how the Evo Mobile laser could benefit your business, contact Chris or any of the Laser Lines team on 01295 672588, or email

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