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September 24, 2015

Laser Lines

Is there a limit on font size when laser marking?

Laser marking is used in a huge number of industries, but thanks to the incredible sophistication of the technique, most people don’t even realise that something is laser marked any more. In the past a laser mark was fairly easy to recognise, but what can be achieved today with new laser marking machines is much more sophisticated.

Chris Ogden from our industrial lasers business unit explains: “We are now seeing more and more brands using laser marking to improve the appearance of the product. The quality and precision of the mark has meant that those who are more fashion-conscious can now use laser marking too.”

“Consumer products are now often laser marked as the precision of the marking can ensure that a brand name or a product name can be added aesthetically to a product that may have used a transfer or sticker in the past. We still see a lot of organisations using laser marking to ensure part numbers, dates or model information are included on a product or item – this is particularly helpful for audit trails as a laser mark is permanent and can’t be rubbed off over time.”

“Many companies are now recognising that laser marking can combine a functional mark with a stylish look so we have worked with customers in the medical and food processing industries recently to accomplish just that.”

“Coupled with this is the range of sizing that can now be used on a mark – on a standard system from Laser Lines, the smallest font size that can be used for marking is 0.1mm. If you look at this under a microscope, the letters are perfectly formed.”

“The largest characters that can be marked are 180mm high, so there is massive scope for what can be achieved, especially as the range of fonts that can be used for marking has grown. As well as using all the fonts in the Windows library, you can also buy fonts. Any Truetype font can be used to help put style into the marking.”

If you have questions about what will work best and you’re not sure how your laser marking will look, Laser Lines can use its in-house systems to create some product examples.

To find out more about our Industrial Lasers solutions, contact Chris or Gary and the Laser Lines team on 01295 672 588 or

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