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September 22, 2015

Laser Lines

Laser Cutting Moulds the Future

A specialist precision moulding company, producing high quality interior and exterior automotive trim, has improved its output with the addition of Synrad CO2 lasers within the injection moulding cells. Each cell contains two Synrad CO2 lasers one is used for cutting off the moulding sprues and the other is used to mark manufacture dates directly on the moulding.

Historically the method of finishing the moulding had repeatability, Health & Safety and environmental issues. Now by the introduction of the laser systems they have been able to maximise production, minimise waste, remove consumable inks and redeploy valuable company resources.

Large sections of trim are injection moulded; these are then transported by robot to the laser cutter. The robot communicates to the laser that a part is ready to be cut, the laser switches on and the robot accurately guides the trim to remove the sprues or profile an edge offering a clean, consist and accurate finish. Once again the robot transports the now laser cut moulding to the laser marker which once given the signal that the moulding is in position marks the moulding with the date and time and if required company logo and a unique identity, either by conventional barcode or a 2D matrix.

This type of application is ideal for CO2 lasers and apart from achieving fast, repeatable, clean results, the laser also has zero cost for consumables. It is unsurprising that this customer has installed many Synrad systems!

Product Contact: David Earl |

Article Contact: Jeryl Adcock |

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