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December 11, 2015

Chris Ogden

Laser Lines improves laser marking for Milltek Sport

Our Industrial Lasers Group business development manager, Chris Ogden, talks us through how Laser Lines made a real difference to the laser marking for high performance exhaust manufacturer, Milltek Sport.

With more than 32 years of continuous product development and technical expertise, the team at Milltek Sport knows a thing or two about high performance exhausts. Quality is part and parcel of the products that Milltek Sport manufacture, but the team felt that the appearance of the company logo on finished products wasn’t living up to these high quality standards.

With a view to looking for a complementary technology to sit alongside the existing electrochemical and dot peen marking systems, Milltek Sport made enquiries with us here at Laser Lines.

Milltek Sport sent over three sample exhaust parts to us for laser marking trials. Two samples were polished stainless steel and the third was a relatively new product with a black ceramic coating. All needed marking with the Milltek Sport logo and one needed to be marked with a machine-readable QR code.

Testing, testing

Working with Dave Marshall, the General Manager at Milltek Sport, Laser Lines worked on a comprehensive programme of laser marking trials. Milltek Sport then asked them to do a full production batch, so they could see how well the systems would cope with the many and varied production requirements that they have, as well as requesting a detailed timings report so they could analyse these in-depth. Nothing was too much trouble.

Once completed, it was clear for the team at Milltek Sport to see that a better quality of mark had been achieved on all products. Not only was it a better, consistent quality of mark, but it was faster to achieve, taking on average 23 seconds to mark black ceramic coated samples and 80 seconds to mark polished stainless steel samples.

The added bonus is that the technology makes it possible to introduce machine-readable codes onto parts. On the stainless steel samples, we used high frequency marking to give high contrast black marks. Although that takes a little longer than aggressive marking, it looks much neater and so is more in keeping with the Milltek Sport brand.

Two ordered in 12 months

We used the Datalogic V-Lase 10 system in the trials, fitted with a flat field lens, which means the parts are marked without having to rotate them in a rotary indexer. The system demonstrated a good depth of field and coped well with the curvature of the parts.

So pleased was Milltek Sport with the results, that the company ordered a DataLogic V-Lase 10 and installed this alongside its incumbent system. It went on to have such success with this first system that, less than 12 months later, it bought an installed a second system, a DataLogic V-Lase 20.

Dave Marshall concludes: “We enjoy a truly collaborative relationship with Laser Lines, with the team really taking the time to get to grips with our unique set of requirements. Thanks to the team’s great advice, alongside the comprehensive testing and reporting they carried out for us, we have ended up with two fantastic laser marking systems which we now couldn’t do without.”

To find out more about how our Industrial Lasers solutions can help your business, have a look at our laser marking pages, contact Chris or Gary at the Laser Lines team on 01295 672 588 or

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