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November 27, 2015

Laser Lines

Laser cladding

Laser Lines is the ‘perfect partner’ for laser cladding

Based in Neath, South Wales, LASE stands out from the laser cladding crowd as it offers a unique combination of contracting, consultancy and equipment.

A Laser Lines partner since the company’s inception, LASE prides itself on offering bespoke solutions for its customers. This could be acting as a laser cladding job shop, providing valuable consultancy on the practical applications of laser cladding, or as an installer of bespoke laser equipment to meet specific customer requirements.

What is laser cladding?

Laser cladding is used for the precision overlay of one material to the surface of another. It’s typically used for a multitude of metal components that are subject to corrosion or wear. Traditional methods of cladding and coating often lead to high heat input, causing component distortion, formation of coarse grain structure and poor adhesion to base material.

Dr Sam Lester, technical director at LASE, says: “Once very much confined to the steel industry, increasingly manufacturing and engineering businesses are waking up to the benefits that laser cladding can bring.”

“As well as carrying out laser cladding work on our premises or on-site, we build and install equipment for our customers to use in-house. We not only provide the equipment but also the advice and guidance that are necessary for our customers to make a long-term success of laser cladding.”

A perfect partnership

Dr Lester continues, “We have a fantastic relationship with Laser Lines. I had experience of working with Laser Lines in a previous role and knew that LASE could benefit from and rely on the proven track record Laser Lines has in the field. We’re comfortable with the equipment and technology it provides, so much so that Laser Lines is always our first port-of-call when building laser cladding systems for our customers.”

LDM series laser

Laser Lines has provided LASE with a high power diode Laserline laser from its wide range of industrial laser products. The Laserline 3kW LDM system is the perfect solution for LASE, as not only is it extremely reliable and easy to use, but it’s cost effective as well. The LDM model is small and compact, and therefore easy to own and easy to transport.

The beam it produces is ideally suited for the work LASE does on a daily basis. As Dr Lester explains: “What you get from the LDM system is a large, round, and most importantly, uniform beam. Lots of other products on the market offer a large, round beam, with greater intensity towards the centre, which makes it ideal for other laser applications, but without the uniformity that’s required for effective laser cladding.”

With an ever-expanding customer base, LASE is going from strength to strength as more businesses recognise the many and varied benefits of laser cladding, as well as the advantages of working with experts in the field such as the team here at Laser Lines

If you’re a laser cladding shop, or an installer of bespoke laser systems, are you sure you’re using the best laser for the job? If not, and for more details on laser cladding or how Laser Lines can help your business, call us on 01295 672588 or email

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