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November 17, 2016

Gary Broadhead

Laserline LDF series laser

Laserline LDF series: efficient lasers for welding and cladding

Sales director of our Industrial Lasers Group, Gary Broadhead takes a look at the new LDF series from Laserline

The world’s number one manufacturer of diode lasers has a very similar name to our own company. It’s one that we at Laser Lines are hugely proud to be associated with, even if it makes blogs like this a little bit confusing!

Laserline in Germany has blazed a trail in the industry through the development of diode lasers for materials processing applications. This pioneering approach to product development certainly shows no sign of abating, with the introduction of its most recent product range, the new LDF series of diode lasers.

Improved efficiency

This new generation of the successful LDF range of lasers is more powerful than before, with a maximum laser power of 25kW readily achievable.

This increase is very much due to Laserline’s continual product development, a programme which has seen the beam quality or maximum output from the same diameter fibre double almost every two years since 1999. It is this combination of power and quality that makes the LDF series ideal for welding as well as brazing, cladding and heat treatment.

Added versatility

Not only is the new series more powerful, it is much more versatile too. Devices with over 20kW laser power are set on castors and are therefore easily moved to different locations within the business.

Systems can be configured to suit customer-specific requirements and are available with internal or external cooling systems. With Laserline chillers fully integrated into the control system, it means that high power lasers can be operated in less than a 1.4 m² footprint, saving vital space on the shop floor.

In-built intelligence

The user interface is new and improved, with a central control unit monitoring the entire system in real time.  The two-stage fault management system displays warning and error messages, providing appropriate troubleshooting guidance.

All system information is displayed on the laser’s mobile control panel as well as via a network connection in a control centre, and over secure remote access too.

We have worked in partnership with the Laserline team in Germany for over 15 years now, a relationship that has gone from strength-to-strength due to our shared company values.

For both Laser Lines and Laserline, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions rather than just technology; systems that are tailored to address and solve the very specific issues that our customers are facing.

It is this shared focus that has seen the widespread adoption of Laserline solutions in the UK and I am in no doubt that the new LDF series will prove just as popular.

For more information on how the new LDF series could help your business, contact the Laser Lines team on 01295 672588 or email

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