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June 25, 2015

Laser Lines

Meet the Team: Industrial Lasers’ Chris Ogden

With an ever expanding team here at Laser Lines, we’re keen to introduce some of the fantastic talent behind our successes and the people who work hard every day to make that happen. Here, we talk to Business Development Manager Chris Ogden to get the inside scoop of what it’s really like working in the Industrial Lasers division.

How did you come to work at Laser Lines, Chris?

I worked in my previous position at a marking company for some 23 years, covering various roles including Metallurgy, Materials Science and R&D – developing new marking systems. One of the projects was developing a new laser marking system. It was challenging and inspiring, and helped me to shape where I wanted to take my career. Laser Lines’ reputation preceded them and I knew of their expertise in the industry so it was an obvious next step for me. Eight years ago, I started as a Technical Sales Engineer and the rest is history.

What is a typical day in your role at Laser Lines?

No two days are really the same. A lot of my work is involved in laser marking, welding and micro-machining. How that translates day-to-day though, is really very varied; I can be out visiting customers and suppliers both across the UK and overseas in Europe; my role involves attending lots of exhibitions to learn about new business opportunities and technologies, how new laser technologies are emerging and how they might be used in industry. I also spend a lot of time performing laser trials and working with colleagues to devise solutions for customers. Through all of my work, I look to generate new business leads too in order to continue to grow the division.

What would you describe as the best thing about your job?

Definitely the variety. Every day brings something different. One day I could be working with a high speed laser to mark egg boxes and the next I could be laser welding pieces of medical equipment. New challenges help keep it interesting also.

In your eyes, whats the biggest challenge the Industrial Lasers division faces within the industry and current business landscape?

Laser Lines has always worked to find new technologies that are emerging and align new opportunities within potential markets, presenting them to customers as innovative options and solutions. One of the biggest challenges is also one of our greatest opportunities; the industry expects continual developments – better, faster solutions at more economical and lower price points – but with these developments it also provides us with the ability to take our solutions to vastly different business sectors and expand the industries utilising Industrial Laser solutions.

Whats your biggest achievement in your role at Laser Lines?

A few years ago we found a new supplier of advanced laser welding systems that we started working with. I was involved in getting them onboard right from the initial discussions and two years down the line, they are selling fantastically and becoming really successful with our customers. They’ve been really well received by a number of industries from jewellery to manufacturing and many more in between. It’s great to see new business generated from the strategic decisions we make about which suppliers to partner with.

What do you hope to achieve in your role in the future?

Continuing to diversify and develop into new markets and sectors is really one of my big objectives for the coming years. We’ve made headway with jewellery, tooling manufacturing and automotive customers, amongst many others but finding new sectors to bring laser solutions to is also key. I hope to further expand the team too, taking on new talent to help us further realise that.

When youre taking a well earned rest from work, what can we expect to find you doing?

I’m not sure it’s much of a rest but I’ve just bought an old cottage in Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast that I’m in the process of renovating. Hopefully by the end of the year it’ll all be done and I can work in a rest!

Find out more about our Industrial Laser services, call Gary, Chris and the Laser Lines team on 01295 672 500.


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