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June 2, 2016

Dave Earl

Why Synrad CO2 lasers are so flexible

We’ve turned the blog over to our very own Dave Earl this week to tell us all about one of our most popular product ranges, Synrad CO2 lasers.

When customers ask me which of Laser Lines’ product ranges is the most versatile, our comprehensive selection of Synrad CO2 lasers immediately comes to mind. Used for a whole host of material processing applications, there’s a wide variety of lasers in the range suitable for marking, welding and cutting.

Already hard at work in numerous industries throughout the world, including the textile industry, medical sector, automotive companies, and the world of academia, Synrad lasers are one of our most popular product ranges.

The range

synrad-laser-markingOne of the main reasons they are so popular is the sheer breadth and depth of products that make up the range. For customers requiring a lower-power laser, for example, Synrad’s product range starts at 10W and goes to 40W, whereas the competition either starts low and stay low (say at 10W), or starts higher at around 100W.

The Synrad range is unique in that is comprises both CW and pulsed lasers. Plus, you can buy air-cooled, water-cooled or fan-cooled systems: whichever suits your end application.

Breadth of products

Not only can Synrad lasers be used for cutting, welding and marking, but it’s the breadth of products within these areas that makes them so versatile, too.

Standard CO2 lasers are 10.6µ but we offer a range of 10.2µ Synrad lasers, which allows us to process up to three times as fast when used on polypropylene products. We also offer a range of 9.3µ Synrad lasers which is perfect for use on PET, again enabling faster processing by up to three times.

Top marks

synrad marking headSynrad is the only laser manufacturer that also produces its own marking heads, both two and three axis solutions, meaning it offers more complete solutions.

For our customers that don’t want the potential complications of a hybrid solution, supplied by more than one manufacturer, Synrad lasers represent a robust solution from a single manufacturer.

Full control

The greater control afforded by some of the Synrad lasers makes them popular with certain users. Synrad’s 48-series lasers have the option of closed-loop control, meaning it’s possible to control the output stability of the laser to +/- 2%. This makes them ideal for use in the medical world or any applications which require fine power control.

Small packages

For many of Laser Lines’ customers, the compact nature of the Synrad solutions is one the range’s USPs. The overall package size of a Synrad solution is smaller when compared to competitor offerings, making them easier to incorporate into systems or smaller working spaces, with some even mounted onto robots.

Flexibility and versatility

With an unprecedented and unequalled range of products under the Synrad umbrella, you can see why we often find that Synrad lasers offer the perfect fit for many of our customers’ requirements.

Considering the breadth of products offered by Synrad and the numerous applications for which they’re used, it’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that Synrad lasers represent the most flexible lasers ever made.

For more information on how our market-leading lasers can help your business, contact Dave or any of the Laser Lines team on 01295 672588, or email

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