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February 11, 2016

Laser Lines

Vetroseal ‘highly recommends’ Laser Lines for laser marking

One of our highly valued customers, Vetroseal, explains how our products have helped make a difference to its business.

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of glass sealed units, Vetroseal‘s customers include window manufacturers, installers and fitters. Since the company began back in 2000, it has taken pride in the quality of its products and its ongoing investment in up-to-date technology that it uses on a daily basis.

As Eric Falisi, Vetroseal’s director, explains: “We need to stamp the toughened glass we produce and from day one we went down the laser marking route as we soon saw how much more efficient this was when compared with using a traditional stamp.”

Room for improvement

Vetroseal’s incumbent laser system was coping with the demands of the busy company but it was only when the business expanded by opening a second factory that Eric realised there were potential further improvement to be made.

“We invested in a £250,000 Hegla auto-loading cutting table for the new facility,” Eric continues. “This came with the option of a fully-integrated laser unit, which it made sense to choose. Seeing this laser in action made us realise that the laser we were using on our standalone laser station was definitely not achieving the optimum results.”

The right product

When the team at Vetroseal found out that Laser Lines supplied the laser for the auto-loader cutting table, they called Dave Earl, technical sales engineer at Laser Lines, to discuss their options.

Dave Earl explains further: “We took an in-depth look at all Vetroseal’s specific requirements, making sure we understood both the technical and operational business needs before going back with our recommendations. We also wanted to ensure we maintained the excellent results the business was already seeing with its integrated laser.”

After Laser Lines’ guidance, Vetroseal opted for a Synrad v30 laser installed within a Datalogic EOX30 laser marker.  The laser marker was then integrated into a custom work table designed by Laser Lines.


As Eric continues: “We’re so impressed with the quality of the laser and the support system, too. It’s more automated than our previous solution, as well as much more user friendly and intuitive.”

“The team at Laser Lines put in a lot of groundwork. They made sure they matched up the exact dimensions and location of the Synrad laser with the laser on the auto-loader cutting table so it’s impossible to tell on which system the glass was marked, ensuring consistency for our customers.”

He concludes: “As and when the time comes to replace our lasers, Laser Lines will definitely be our first port of call. I highly recommend its service and products.”

To find out how our Industrial Lasers solutions can help your business, have a look at our laser marking pages, contact the Laser Lines team on 01295 672588 or email

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