Femtosecond OPA

Femtosecond OPA with cutting-edge performance.

  • Four perfectly synchronised outputs across 210 to 2600 nm wavelength range
  • Quick and precise automated tuning
  • Up to 9% conversion efficiency at peak of tuning range
  • < 200 fs signal pulse duration
  • Suitable for pumping by most Yb-based femtosecond lasers
  • Ideal for ultrafast spectroscopy

Fluence Harmony is a single-box optical parametric amplifier for femtosecond lasers. It converts 1030 nm pulses from ultrafast lasers into broadly tunable sets of four beams across wavelengths from 210 to 2600 nm. When pumped with Fluence’s Jasper laser with its unique all-fibre front end, exceptional performance and unmatched long-term stability are guaranteed.

The four standard synchronised outputs are the signal and idler plus its second and fourth harmonics, and the fourth harmonic of the pump beam at 257 nm. These are precisely tunable via intuitive user-friendly PC software, and an integrated mini spectrometer allows for automatic computer-controlled tuning across 630 – 2600 nm.

Harmony provides high conversion efficiencies across its entire output spectrum, and is a compact, robust and reliable device incorporating all of Fluence’s ultrafast expertise. It is designed to operate from a single pulse up to a repetition rate of 200 kHz and pump pulse energy from 35 μJ.

If you require different specifications for your application, e.g. the third harmonic rather than the fourth harmonic, then the Harmony UltraTune is a custom version tailored to your needs.

Harmony has been designed with demanding ultrafast spectroscopy techniques in mind. Please contact Laser Lines should you have any questions or wish to have any samples processed.

ModelHarmony BasicHarmony UltraTune
Number of outputsFour, as per table belowCustom solution tailored to your requirement
Pulse duration of signal< 200 fsAsk for details
Signal bandwidth< 250 cm-1
PolarisationLinear, horizontal
Beam quality M2 < 1.5 (for signal and idler)
Performance and Tuning
OutputTuning rangeConversion efficiency*
Signal and idler630 – 1030 and 1030 – 2600 nm> 4% across tuning range, 9% at peak of tuning range
Second harmonic of signal and idler315 – 510 and 520 – 630 nm> 2% at peak of tuning range
Fourth harmonic of signal and idler210 – 250 and 260 – 310 nm> 0.5% at peak of tuning range
Fourth harmonic of pump beamfixed 257 ± 2 nm> 5%
*Combined signal and idler with respect to input pump laser average power at 200 kHz.
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Non-linear Optics