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Laser Welding

Laser welding offers enormous advantages over conventional welding procedures because it is a highly repeatable process that can produce precise welds with minimal heat input and, thus, low distortion. Laser welding is currently being used by our customers in many different fields, from highly precise micro-welding of medical devices, to small-scale manual welding in the dental and jewellery industries, via manufacture and repair of tools and dies, to fully automated laser welding in the automotive and heavy manufacturing sectors.


Lasers can be used for butt and overlap welding of most metals, and autogenous welds (without filler material) maintain the characteristics of the original material.

Laser welding of polymers (thermoplastic resins and elastomers) permits the joining of parts with base material strength, and hermetic, pressure-tight seams are possible. Welding plastics by laser also offers benefits over alternative processes such as ultrasonic, hot plate sealing or gluing, combining the advantages of non-contact welding without forming micro-particles, fluff or excessive melting.


Our range

Laser Lines offers a range of different laser types and systems to accommodate various laser welding applications and materials.

Pulsed YAG Lasers

Our pulsed YAG laser welding systems from OR Lasers are typically used for laser deposition welding in which a wire filler material is simultaneously melted into the molten workpiece, thus adding material. Used for upgrading surfaces and also to repair or modify parts, laser deposition welding with a wire is usually a manual process, although some degree of automation is possible.

From the laser source to the welding electrode, we offer our customers expert advice and support in all aspects of modern laser deposit welding.

Our range of pulsed YAG systems include the following solutions, all of which operate on the same wavelength but have different handling and movement mechanisms. So, get in touch if you’d like to talk through which one is best suited to your needs.

PICCO LaserLW_PiccoLaser

Our most compact Class 1 laser welder, the Piccolaser is particularly suited to applications in jewellery and dental labs.

ECO LaserLW_ECOLaser

The cost-effective and ergonomic entry level system for manual laser welding in a Class 4 environment. Maximum laser power 160W average and 8kW peak.

LRS ECO Laser 

A big brother of the ECO laser, with extended travel and a higher load capacity, and laser powers up to 300W average and 13kW peak.

EVO Mobile Laser

Ultra compact and extremely powerful, with optional AutoWeld software for semi-automatic operation.

HTS Mobile Laser

A powerful and adaptable system that can be wheeled up to the welding job and moves over the part, rather than the part moving. Particularly suitable for mould tool repairs and modifications.


A Class 1 laser workstation with an enclosed construction, allowing laser welding to be performed on parts with safety in an open factory environment.

High Power Diode Lasers

DiodeLW_DiodeLasers lasers are used in a wide range of sheet metal welding applications in industrial high-volume manufacturing, from heat conduction welding in the consumer goods industry to longitudinal seam welding of tubes and structural welding on cars. The diode laser is an excellent choice for welding aluminium, including body-in-white applications, as its wavelength is very close to the materials absorption peak.

With high brightness models now available, fibre coupled diode lasers are also performing deep penetration keyhole welds – unthinkable just a short time ago – including parts for power generation and transmission components.

Low Power Diode Lasers

Diode lasers of low to moderate output power, typically from 10W to 200W, are used extensively for applications including plastic welding, soldering, and even welding of thin metals. Like the high-power models, fibre delivery provides for simple system integration and easy delivery of the laser beam to the workpiece. Our diode lasers are made by German company

If you want to find out more about laser welding, speak to one of our dedicated customer service team on 01295 672588, or you can email us at


Laser welding is a highly repeatable process that can produce precise welds with minimal heat input and low distortion

Industrial Lasers

With a low initial payment and various terms available, leasing can help you acquire the best equipment for your business rather than what your cash resources dictate

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