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Other Laser Applications

As well as offering a complete source full laser system for many laser technologies, we also provide our customers with just the laser source alone, and we have partnerships with systems and source manufacturers in other areas of laser application including:

Laser Micro-machining

OLA_MicroMachiningLaser micro-machining permits the milling, drilling and surface patterning of a wide variety of materials with features down to the micron scale. The process is characterised by very precise removal of material per laser pulse. Careful selection of the laser wavelength and pulse duration enables polymers, ceramics, metals and semiconductors to be machined. The laser characteristics ensure clean edges to the feature with no dross or recast layer. Versatility in laser drilling allows circular, square and conical holes with positive or negative tapers to be produced. Our partner for these systems is Optec.

Laser Cladding

OLA_CladdingThis is used for precision overlay of one material to the surface of another. Typically cladding processes are used for a multitude of metal components that are subject to corrosion or wear. However, traditional methods of cladding and coating often lead to high heat input causing component distortion, formation of coarse grain structure and poor adhesion to the base material. In laser cladding, either a filler wire or metal powder is injected into the laser beam and fused with the base material. Read more about how we helped one of our laser cladding customers.

High-power diode lasers are the laser of choice for many cladding requirements and our partner Laserline  has a wealth of experience in this area. Laserline is also our partner for Laser Brazing, Laser Hardening and – along with OR Laser – laser welding of plastics. Some of the OR Laser systems can also be considered for manual deposit welding and cladding.

Laser Cutting

This is traditionally used in industrial manufacturing but gaining ground in OLA_LaserCuttingsmaller applications and businesses. Our partner for this is Synrad with their CO2 laser technology. We also supply the Laser Mechanisms range of process heads for cutting requirements.

We also supply laser sources for cleaning, ablation, hardening and brazing amongst others. Even if your application isn’t mentioned here the chances are we’ve already encountered it!

To find out if lasers could be suitable for your application, call our expert team on 01295 672588 or email us at


We provide both laser sources and full turnkey systems - and partner with world leading specialists in all laser application areas

Industrial Lasers

With a low initial payment and various terms available, leasing can help you acquire the best equipment for your business rather than what your cash resources dictate

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The leading manufacturer of Dot Peen markers


DPSS, fiber and CO2 laser marking systems.


Diode lasers and accessories


Beam delivery components and process heads.

NOIR Laser

Laser eye protection


Galvanometer based laser beam scanning and deflection systems.


Excimer, DPSS and ultrafast laser micromachining systems.

OR Laser

Pulsed YAG and fiber laser welding systems.


CO2 laser systems for material processing applications.

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