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We supply a range of laser types and are proud to represent some of the leading global manufacturers of laser technology. Our products include: CO2 lasers, high power diode lasers, and Q-switched fiber lasers. At the system level we offer laser marking systems of all flavours, including fiber, DPSS, and CO2; marking workstations; laser welding systems (pulsed YAG and DPSS) and complete laser micro-machining workstations. We also provide a range of complementary products for use with our lasers, such as process heads, beam delivery components and galvanometer scanners.

CO2 Lasers

Synrad laser.Synrad was founded in 1984 and remains the leading supplier of low to medium power sealed CO2 lasers. In fact, there are well over 200,000 Synrad lasers in use throughout the world! The traditional CO2 wavelength is 10.6 microns, which is the mainstay of the range. However, 9.3 and 10.2 micron lasers are also available.

The CW range comprises the long established 48 series (10 – 50W), the compact yet powerful ti-series (60 to 100W air cooled!) and the firestar f201 and i401 (200 and 400W respectively).

The pulstar range comprises four models of pulsed lasers with high peak powers (up to an astounding 800W) and short pulse widths. For certain applications pulsed lasers may offer faster and cleaner processing.

High Power Diode Lasers

High efficiency fibre-coupled diode lasers from Laserline are ideal for many high volume manufacturing requirements, including applications such as welding, brazing, cladding, hardening and other heat treatments. The range comprises the compact, rack mountable LDM (500W – 3kW) and the LDF (500W – 20kW) in a mobile cabinet. The LDF with beam converter is an innovative product that takes the proven technology of actively cooled laser diodes with an added active fiber – the beam converter – to further improve the beam quality.

All Laserline diode lasers are delivered via optical fibers with 200 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm, 600 µm, 1,000 µm, 1,500 µm and 2,000 µm diameters dependent on the power level and the needs of the application.

Fiber Lasers

FILOS Fronte RCX-684 (1)The FILOS from Datalogic is a Q-switched pulsed fiber laser typically suited to marking, engraving, scribing and ablation applications. FILOS is available in 10 and 20W models, and due to its maintenance free design it provides highly reliable long life operation at a low running cost.


Laser Marking Systems

Datalogic family

The Datalogic series of laser markers is wide ranging and we will almost certainly have a system to suit your application! The models include fiber (up to 50W!), DPSS and CO2 laser types. The ULYXE is the original “all in one” concept based on a 6W DPSS infra-red source. Possibly the smallest complete laser marking system on the market!

Click here for more details on the Datalogic laser markers.

Marking Workstations

We offer a range of laser marking workstations which can be tailored to your exact requirements. Naturally they comply with all laser safety regulations and meet the requirements of the Class 1 condition. Some features and options include: motorised axes, manual or automatic doors, rotary indexer for circumferential marking, and fume extraction. There is a range of workstations to suit every requirement, please contact us for options and pricing on 01295 672588.

Pulsed Laser Welders

We provide pulsed YAG and diode pumped laser welders from OR Laser. The range includes both Class 1 and Class 4 systems. Average powers typically range from 40 to 300W, but due to the high energy per pulse (up to 150J in some cases) the peak power can be an astonishing 13kW!

Click here for more details on the OR Laser welders.

Laser Micro-Machining Systems

Our partner for micro-machining systems is Optec. They are a world class leader in the design and build of state-of the-art laser tools, which can range from small R & D systems to full scale production equipment. Optec are not a laser manufacturer, they freely select any commercial laser from 193nm to 10.6 micron wavelength according to the requirements of the application. Their specialist areas include excimer laser tools, short pulse laser systems (both pico and femtosecond) and CO2 TEA systems.

Optec’s own ProcessPower software and OptecCAD are at the heart of the control system and provide a very user friendly interface which is still powerful enough for all applications.

Process Heads and Beam Delivery

Laser Mechanisms is the recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of process heads, laser beam delivery components and articulated arm systems. Their products are used in every type of industrial application including cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, surface treatment and other processes. The products are used with every type of laser, including CO2, YAG, Fiber Laser and more.

Over the years the company has introduced many innovations to enhance the performance, safety, capability, ease of use and cost effectiveness of laser processing.

Galvanometer Scanners

3XB-45mm 3-axis scan headOur partner Nutfield Technology designs and manufactures the most advanced galvanometer based optical scanners, scan heads, control electronics and software products available. They offer a one stop source for your complete scanning solution including laser / scanner software and control. Standard products include single axis scanner components, XY heads, and 3 axis heads with dynamic focusing elements. Here you can see an internal view of a 3 axis system, clearly showing the XY scanners and Z axis focus. These systems are available for all popular laser wavelengths. Our experienced applications engineers will guide you through the process of selecting a scanner appropriate for your needs.

To find out more about any of these products, call our expert team on 01295 672588 or email us at



Industrial Lasers

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The leading manufacturer of Dot Peen markers


DPSS, fiber and CO2 laser marking systems.


Diode lasers and accessories


Beam delivery components and process heads.

NOIR Laser

Laser eye protection


Galvanometer based laser beam scanning and deflection systems.


Excimer, DPSS and ultrafast laser micromachining systems.

OR Laser

Pulsed YAG and fiber laser welding systems.


CO2 laser systems for material processing applications.

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