High Power Detectors

Gentec-EO have the most comprehensive high-power meter product line on the market, with solutions for powers as high as 30 kW and more upon request. They are available in various formats featuring the highest damage thresholds.

See the specifications tab for details of specific models, and the data sheets for complete specifications. For single shot measurements up to 10 kW please see the all-in-one detectors page, or for measuring lower powers (< 500 W) please see the power detectors page.

UP-HD – High density absorber for laser power measurement up to 2.5 kW

Gentec-EO’s HD absorber is the strongest on the market for use at high powers, offering both high average power handling and high-power density measurement. The UP-HD series consists of three different detectors including the highest power fan-cooled detector, the UP55G-600F-HD, and the popular UP55C-2.5KW-HD 2.5 kW laser power detector.

• 55 mm diameter aperture
• Fan-cooled 600 W, and up to 2.5 kW water-cooled
• Fast rise time due to thermopile technology
• Available with INTEGRA (USB/RS-232)
• Suitable for measuring CW fibre lasers & diode lasers such as nLIGHT Rackmount Fiber Lasers

HP – Detectors for high power handling up to 15 kW

Gentec-EO’s standard model calorimetric HP detectors can handle up to 15 kW of continuous laser power. They are less sensitive to variations in water cooling temperature than any other similar meters on the market, and live water parameter tracking allows you to quickly identify if any variations are due to your laser or water flow. HP detectors benefit from large apertures to accommodate the largest laser beams with ease, or for smaller beams a 60 mm Ø reflective cone is available at 10 kW.

• 4, 10, 12 & 15 kW models
• Water flow and temperature tracked live in software
• Tube extension option on 4 & 12 kW models to reduce back reflection below 4%
• Both USB output for direct connection to a PC and a DB-15 connector (for connection to a Gentec-EO monitor – see below for compatibility)
• Ideal for measuring high power CW fibre & diode lasers including nLIGHT High Power Fiber Lasers

Super HP – Detectors for the highest power handling up to 100 kW

Gentec-EO are able to offer detectors which can handle up to 100 kW of continuous power. Just choose your size (up to 400 x 400 mm), maximum power and Gentec-EO will customise a Super HP detector for your requirement. There are two standard custom built models within the Super HP range which are available to order but also serve as examples of the capabilities Gentec-EO offer.

• 25 & 30 kW models plus infinite customisation capabilities
• Water flow and temperature tracked live in software
• USB output for direct connection to a PC, a DB-15 connector and custom connections available

All Gentec-EO detectors include an individual calibration certificate traceable to NIST standards with an 18-month expiry.

Compatible monitors:

INTEGRA (UP-HD only, calorimeters include USB connection)

See more details of these on the monitors page.

Beam Dumps – Beam dumps for high power handling up to 12 kW

In addition to measuring power, two of Gentec-EO’s standard HP detectors can be provided as beam dumps.

• 4 & 12 kW models
• Tube extension option to reduce back reflection below 4%

UP-HD Series
ModelMax Power (W)Min Power (W)Aperture (mm)Cooling Type
UP55G-600F-HD6001.555 ØFan-Cooled
UP55M-700W-HD7001.555 ØWater-Cooled
UP55C-2.5KW-HD2500655 ØWater-Cooled
HP Series
ModelMax Power (W)Min Power (W)Aperture (mm)Cooling Type
HP100A-4KW-HE4000100100 ØWater-Cooled
HP100A-12KW-HD12000300100 ØWater-Cooled
HP125A-15KW-HD15000500125 x 125Water-Cooled
HP60A-10KW-GD1000030060 ØWater-Cooled
ModelMax Power (W)Min Power (mW)Aperture (mm)Cooling Type
HP210A-25KW-HD25000500210 x 210Water-Cooled
HP280A-30KW-HD300001000280 x 280Water-Cooled
Max Custom100000400 x 400Water-Cooled
Beam Dumps
ModelMax Power (W)Aperture (mm)Cooling Type
BD-4KW-HE4000100 ØWater-Cooled
BD-12KW-HD12000100 ØWater-Cooled