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Perfect for High-speed processing – the New 250 and 400 Watt models.

Synrad introduces the p250-10.2 and i401-10.2 high performance lasers to its existing line of 10.2 µm lasers. These lasers have high average power, unlocking high speed manufacturing for a variety of applications, including: cutting, scoring, perforating, and drilling. 10.2 µm wavelength CO2 lasers expand the range of materials that can be processed, allowing better application quality and faster throughput on polypropylene products in addition to processing standard materials like paper, plastics, fabrics, and cardboard.

“Polypropylene is heavily used in the Packaging, Labeling, Nonwovens, and Industrial Manufacturing industries. Expanding our lineup of 10.2 µm lasers improves application quality and enables faster throughput on wide range of flexible materials, including polypropylene,” said Justin Conroy, Synrad Global Application Engineering Manager.  Conroy added “Synrad offers 10 different models of 10.2 µm CO2 lasers ranging from 10 Watts to 400 Watts, the largest selection available in the industry.”


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