Ultrafast OPOs & Harmonic Generators

The Oria range of OPOs & harmonic generators from Radiantis enables the user to extend the wavelength range of a standard commercial Ti:Sapphire oscillator to an unparalleled range.

The Oria IR OPO system is compatible with all leading MHz Ti:Sapphire oscillators and extends the tuning range to 990-1550 nm & 1696-4090 nm. The Oria Blue harmonic generator quickly and conveniently allows the user to frequency double their Ti:Sapphire system to access the 340-550 nm wavelength region. Finally, the Oria VIS harmonic generator can be used to frequency double our Oria IR OPO or an alternative IR OPO to give you access to 495 nm to 775 nm with an exceptional 40% conversion efficiency!

The result is a modular cost-effective upgrade to your Ti:Sapphire system giving you a total tuning range of 340-1550nm & 1696-4090 nm!

Like all Radiantis products these are:

  • Compact footprint, you’ll have room for your experiment on your optical table!
  • Fully automated, includes dedicated control software and drivers.
  • Virtually maintenance free.

Major application areas include:

  • CARS & Raman Spectroscopy
  • Time resolved spectroscopy
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Multiple wavelength pump probe experiments
  • Biophotonics
  • Quantum optics
  • Multiphoton microscopy

You never know in which direction your research may go in the future. Oria gives you a modular upgrade route to meet your experimental needs now and in the future.

Output CharacteristicsSpecs when pumped by 2.8 W, 80 MHz, 90 fs Ti:Sapphire Laser
Signal Tuning Range990 – 1550 nm
Idler Tuning Range (XT version only)1696 – 4090 nm
Pump Tuning Range710 – 820 nm
Signal Output Power> 1 W
Idler Output Power (XT version only)> 350 mW
Signal Pulse Width< 200 fs
Idler Pulse Width (XT version only)< 120 fs (1696 – 2000 nm)
ORIA™ Blue
Output CharacteristicsSpecs when pumped by 2.8 W, 80 MHz, 90 fs Ti:Sapphire Laser
Tuning Range345 – 520 nm
Average Power> 1.2 W (410 nm)
Pulse Width< 150 fs (860 nm)
Output CharacteristicsSpecs when pumped by ORIA™ IR OPO
Tuning Range495 – 775 nm
Average Power> 400 mW
Pulse Width< 180 fs

Multiphoton Microscopy

Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS)

Time-resolved Spectroscopy

Quantum Optics